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Therapeutic Life Story Work - Norwich, Norfolk
Child Therapy with Karen Hammond - Life Story Work

Therapeutic Life Story Work:

Therapeutic Life Story Work helps children and young people to process and gain a clearer understanding of their history.  Exploring events and the feelings associated with them that led a particular child or young person to where they are today.

Therapeutic Life Story Work ensures children have the opportunity to contribute to their own Life Story Book.  This book is co-created between the child and therapist to provide the child with a narrative of their lives.  This enables children to incorporate their own thoughts and feelings into their individual book, as well as at times challenging their own memories.

Therapeutic Life Story Work helps children to know where they come from, helping them to develop a sense of identity and improve their self-esteem.

Information comes from social services, as well as from current and previous families or carers.  This information is then used alongside the child’s own memories and thoughts in order to provide a developmentally appropriate narrative of the child’s life.