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Parent and Child Attachment Relationship in Family Therapy
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Attachment-Based Family Therapy:

Attachment-Based Family Therapy is individually structured for each family, with activities focusing on helping children to engage with their parents/carers.  Children are supported to be able to accept care and nurture, as well as structure and boundaries, from their parents/carers.  Therapy sessions also enable children to experience success through developmentally appropriate challenges that encourage them to be more confident in their own abilities as they grow.

An initial meeting with parents/carers will look at family history and the reasons for coming for Attachment-Based Family Therapy.  This is followed by a family assessment in order to identify where strengths lie and any areas that your child might be having difficulty with.  A parent/carer meeting is then arranged to discuss the outcome of the assessment. We will then agree upon an individually tailored therapeutic intervention that is structured around areas highlighted in the family assessment.

A set room, time and day of week are important in order to maintain a consistent and therapeutic setting for therapy, with a minimum recommendation of 12 sessions, following and dependent upon the outcome of the family assessment.

Theraplay® principles and techniques inform my practice, the relationship between caregivers and children being central to every therapy session.

Theraplay® is a registered service mark of The Theraplay® Institute, Evanston, IL, USA.