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Play Therapy with Karen Hammond - Brothers Playing
Playroom at Play Therapy with Karen Hammond, Centre for Complementary Medicine and Homeopathic Education, Norwich

Information for
Parents / Carers:

Play Therapy gives children a safe space where they can explore any feelings or events that may be difficult for them.


A wide range of play materials are available in the playroom for your child to use to express themselves, these include; art materials, small figures, sand, puppets and musical instruments.

I work closely with families, and with permission, children’s schools in order to gain a greater understanding of the reasons for coming to Play Therapy.  Through regular communication and looking at your child’s strengths and difficulties, I can gain a greater understanding of individual situations in order to help your child make sense of their feelings and experiences.

Play Therapy sessions take place weekly, at the same time and on the same day, in a consistent setting.  A minimum of 12-15 sessions is recommended, however some children attending Play Therapy may require a longer-term intervention.

Play Therapy sessions take place at the Play Therapy clinic located on White House Farm (NR13 6LB) or, with the agreement of your child’s school and if a suitable room for Play Therapy is made available, Play Therapy sessions can take place in a school setting.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the suitability of Play Therapy for your child.